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About Dennis Harhalakis

Dennis is the founder of Cambridge Money Coaching and a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®.  Money Coaching deals with the unconscious patterns, beliefs and behaviours around money that we all have.  Understanding these behaviours and patterns is the key to achieving true financial independence and success.  This understanding is particularly important when facing the challenges of a sudden change in circumstances.

Money is at the centre of our lives but we are never taught how to live with it or manage it.  With over 30 years’ experience in financial services, Dennis offers clear, practical guidance on how to address the common problems associated with money choices, patterns, and the day-to-day management of money issues.  He holds an Investment Advice Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI).

Dennis believes strongly in supporting financial literacy and helping young people prepare for the challenges of today’s world.  He has been a Business Adviser with Youth Enterprise and worked with Cambridge schools as a mentor and guide to careers in Finance.

Dennis is an accomplished public speaker and panellist at Wealth Industry events in the UK and Asia. He is a regular contributor to industry publications.

About Cambridge Money Coaching

Coping with money issues, both practically and psychologically, can be a major life struggle for many people and yet there is very little help available.  Money can trigger emotions and dealing with money issues can make us feel anxious, angry, ashamed and powerless.  These responses affect our relationships at home and at work, and prevent us from realising our full potential.  Cambridge Money Coaching was set up to help people deal with the many challenges that money brings:

  • how do I understand my behaviour around money?
  • how do I talk to my children about money?
  • how do I learn about investing and managing money?
  • how do I learn about financial literacy?
  • how do I raise financially intelligent children?
  • how do I use money for its highest and best use?
  • how do I talk to my partner about my money fears?
  • how do I manage conflict around money?
  • how do I find people I can trust?

Cambridge Money Coaching offers support and clear, unbiased and unconflicted guidance on how to understand and navigate the world of money and finance.

I thoroughly recommend this Money Coaching programme. Agreeing financial priorities and making financial decisions are often major, yet largely overlooked, sources of tension within our closest relationships.  This is hardly surprising given our individual attitudes to money can be so complex. Whilst money provides security, comfort (and often great pleasure if we buy ourselves something we really want), it can also induce great anxiety and guilt.  Money Coaching has helped me to understand not only what drives my own spending patterns and fears, but also those of my partner. In so doing it has given me the tools necessary to recognise potential conflict, talk about it and reach consensus.  Excellent stuff!

Helen, Money Coaching Client

I found Money Coaching to be extremely helpful and informative.  The course has helped me better understand my relationship with money and allowed me to initiate an effective pattern of control with money, rather than a reactive one. This has become true for within my family life and in my creative business.  The process has identified under-utilised qualities in myself and has helped me start a more structured financial planning habit.

Sarah, Money Coaching Client

Working with Dennis over the last 6 weeks has brought about a new relationship with money. He helped me to understand why myself and others react in certain ways to situations. A lot of these reactions are ‘hard  wired’ into you, from a very young age, after observing your parents and other influencers in your life.   Dennis allowed me to discuss money characteristics I have had since childhood. This has allowed me to address the challenges in a clearer way going forwards.

Alan, Money Coaching Client