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Money Coaching for Organisations

If your organisation deals with clients and their money, then the Money Coaching framework will give you a unique insight into your clients’ behaviours and emotions around money.  Working with front-line staff or with clients directly, Cambridge Money Coaching offers a variety of training programmes that help you to understand the complex interactions of money and emotions.  This will support all aspects of your client relationships and show you how to truly understand what drives client behaviour.  This knowledge will prove invaluable when helping clients to manage sudden wealth (inheritance, divorce, widowhood, liquidity events), as well as preparing for wealth transfers.

Typical client issues

Do you have clients who:

Struggle to complete paperwork no matter how many times you explain the process to them?

Have received a large amount of money and seem to be unable to deal with it?

Are struggling to make decisions at times of deep stress such as widowhood or divorce?

Bicker amongst themselves in front of you?

Want to start wealth planning but cannot talk about money with their family?

Cannot change their spending patterns even though it will bankrupt them?

Keep changing their minds about what they want?

Do you want to know why some clients need constant support and others are fine with a yearly update?

Money coaching gives you a framework for understanding how people make decisions.  In particular, we explain how money behaviours originate, how to work best with each type of clients, and how to have healthy communication around money issues.

Services include:

Certificate in Behavioural Money Coaching – understand the psychological and emotional aspects of money and how they affect client’s financial choices. This training is designed to help the adviser and the client to work together to form a deeper understanding of the patterns and behaviours which often derail the client’s ability to achieve their financial goals.  This unique course is offered in partnership with The Money Coaching Institute and can be structured as a 2 day workshop or delivered online over 6 weekly sessions of 2 hours.

Certificate in Behavioural Money Coaching – Training Overview

Dennis Harhalakis talks about Money Coaching to WealthBriefing

Client Events and Seminars – Money Coaching integrates the latest research from the fields of neuroscience, behavioural finance, and behavioural and cognitive psychology to produce a comprehensive understanding of ‘Money and the Mind’.  Let Dennis Harhalakis give your clients unique insights into how they think and feel around money, and how this can help them pursue better outcomes.  Popular topics include:

  • Money and Couples
  • Money and Kids
  • Understanding our Money Behaviour
  • Managing Sudden Money
  • Money and Families – Understanding Wealth Transfers

Employee Wellbeing Programmes

Money worries are one of the leading causes of anxiety and family stress. Helping your employees with programmes to support their financial health and wellbeing will bring tremendous benefits to an organisation. Cambridge Money Coaching is uniquely placed to do this because it helps people to understand their patterns and behaviours around money. These patterns stem from unconscious beliefs and emotions and affect our ability to take control of our finances. Once we understand our relationship with money, we are able to engage in positive financial behaviours. Financial Wellbeing programmes can be tailored to all types of organisation. Prices start at £495 for a 90 minute workshop.

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