Becoming a Money Coach

If you’d like to become a Money Coach, then you’re in the right place. As a master trainer for the Money Coaching Institute, Dennis can answer all your questions about Money Coach training, as well as incorporating Money Coaching into your existing financial practice or setting up your own Money Coaching business. During the training you will learn:

  • The origins of money patterns, beliefs and behaviours
  • How to create a safe space for clients
  • How to have open money conversations with clients
  • How to free clients from self-limiting beliefs and destructive patterns of behaviour
  • How to develop strategies for facilitating behaviour change
  • How to facilitate healthy communication around money
  • How to build a healthy relationship with money

The Money Coaching Institute is an international leader in providing money coaching programmes and training that helps people live more financially conscious, purposeful and prosperous lives. Set up by Deborah Price over 20 years ago, the Money Coaching Institute is one of the pioneers of Money Coaching.

Teaching is done remotely and the course structure is as follows:

Module One The Foundations & Principles of Money Coaching – During this class you will learn both the theory and practice of money coaching, a proprietary step-by-step process and methodology that applies cutting-edge research from the fields of neuroscience, neuroeconomics and the behavioural sciences to help clients identify and change their money patterns and behaviours. This class is held weekly for four consecutive weeks (two hours per week).

Module Two Coach/Mentor Training – Upon completion of Module One, coaches begin a twelve-week Coach/Mentor training in which you will learn to apply the principles you have learned with your own “practice clients” (two required.) During this segment of the training, coaches participate in a weekly online class that supports you in learning our coaching model in actual practice. Each class will consist of case study reviews of your “practice” clients as well as “live” coaching clients to provide you with real-life scenarios and coaching experience to deepen your learning. Upon completion of this course, you will submit all of your required coursework, conduct a final review and upon acceptance, you will be designated a Certified Money Coach (CMC) ®. All classes are recorded, and a 70% attendance is required.  This class is held weekly for twelve consecutive weeks (two hours per week). The entire course is designed to be completed in sixteen-weeks, but students may fast-track their training if they wish. Coaches retain access to class recordings, all training materials and Certified Money Coach resources.

Module Three – The Money Coaching “Core Process” – This portion of the training is conducted concurrent to the above modules for an additional fee of $800 with an experienced staff coach.  This part of the training consists of four sessions to complete the “Core Money Coaching Process.” By going through the coaching process yourself, you will learn how the core process is conducted and it will also help you to identify and understand your own money patterns and behaviours.

Cost of Course & Certification: $2,500.00


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    Money coach helping a couple to understand their money behaviour and communicate in healthy ways