Money Coaching Services for Financial Professionals

Money runs through our lives but very few of us have been shown how to understand it or manage it.  For your clients this can undermine their decision making and lead to procrastination and self sabotage. As a planner or advisor, it can make you frustrated when clients don’t follow your advice and can’t seem to commit to achieving their financial goals, or when they change their behaviours. To learn how Money Coaching integrates with financial services organisations, please read the article I wrote for Nucleus Financial.

If you are an employer, then you need to be aware of how financial wellbeing issues affect your employees. Please see the link at the bottom of the page.

Cambridge Money Coaching offers a series of services for all types of organisations to help them support their clients and employees to understand and manage the money in their lives.  These services incorporate techniques developed by the Money Coaching Institute, one of the pioneers in this field, as well as the latest research and insights from the field of Money Coaching.

Financial Services Organisations

If your organisation deals with clients and their money, then the Money Coaching framework will give you a unique insight into your clients’ behaviours and emotions around money.  Working with front-line staff or with clients directly, Cambridge Money Coaching offers a set of training programmes that help you to understand the complex interactions of money and emotions.  This will support all aspects of your client relationships and show you how to truly understand what drives client behaviour.  As well as impacting every client interaction, this knowledge will prove invaluable when helping clients to manage sudden wealth (inheritance, divorce, widowhood, liquidity events), as well as preparing for wealth transfers.

Services include:

Understanding Client Money Behaviour – this half day workshop will give you a unique insight into how your clients think and behave around money. The workshop is accredited by the Institute for Financial Wellbeing and attendees receive a certificate for 3 hours of CPD.

Behavioural Certificate for Financial Professionals

Understand the psychological and emotional aspects of money and how they affect client’s financial choices. This training is designed to help planners and advisers and the client to work together to form a deeper understanding of the patterns and behaviours which often derail the client’s ability to achieve their financial goals.

This course is offered in partnership with The Money Coaching Institute and can be structured as a 2-day workshop or delivered online over 5 weekly sessions of 2 hours.

Certified Money Coach Training

Becoming a Certified Money Coach will elevate your client relationships to the highest possible level. Through gaining a comprehensive understanding of what drives money behaviour, you will learn how to:

  • Have open money conversations
  • Explore clients money beliefs and behaviours
  • Build trust & connection at the deepest level
  • Help clients to build healthy communication around money
  • Help clients to reduce anxiety, shame, regret and other negative emotions
  • Eliminate non-adherence
  • Help clients with change and transitions
  • Help clients to change
  • Reduce the impact of your own biases

We can provide organisation-wide training and discounts are available for groups of 5 or more.

If you would like to discuss Money Coaching training, please contact us directly or go to the Money Coaching page.

Client Events and Seminars

Cambridge Money Coaching can give your clients unique insights into how they think and feel around money, and how this can help them make better decisions, reduce anxiety and other negative emotions, and communicate in healthy ways. When you can understand and manage your behaviour around money, then you can understand and manage the money in your life.  Click the link below to see our list of most popular topics.

Financial Wellbeing for Employees

Supporting employee wellbeing is fundamental to the success of any organization. Cambridge Money Coaching has been delivering workshops and webinars since 2019, and our unique content is based on our experience in helping people to understand and manage the money in their lives.