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Conversations about Money – with Deborah Price, Founder of the Money Coaching Institute. Five years ago, Deborah changed my life when I signed up to be a Money Coach and started my own process of healing. As you would expect, this was a great conversation.  We discuss – the money coach journey – understanding my inherited money anxiety – imposter syndrome – helping clients to move forward – presencing for clients – our real legacy as parents  – what clients say are the biggest benefits of money coaching.

Why do we do the things we do with Money – with Vince Carter on the CFO At Home Podcast. We discuss – our relationship with money – understanding childhood money messages – healthy money behaviours – learning as a core survival process – dealing with money issues in relationships – building a healthy communication framework  – the money-type quiz and money archetypes.

Money Lessons for Life – with Ryan DeMent on the Chasing Happiness Podcast. We discuss – inherited behaviours – how we learn as infants – early money messaging – money taboos – why understanding our finances is hard – the four positive behaviours that build wealth – taking ownership of your financial life – starting change with self-compassion and self-acceptance

Money Habits Lessons – with Michael Rearden on the Reven Concepts Show. We discuss – why understanding money is hard – what is my relationship with money – how do we learn about money – teaching children to be good with money – having healthy money conversations – modelling positive behaviours around money

Understanding Money – 2 – with Trevor Stockwell on the Yeukai Business Show. My second conversation on the show covering – understanding money behaviour – how your brain is wired – how to build financial wellbeing – choice architecture – why supporting employee financial wellbeing is critical – how to reduce spending

Find Financial Peace of Mind  – with Scott Ferguson on the Time To Shine Today podcast. Scott is a true force of nature and we had a blast. In less than 30 minutes we covered – money stories, cognitive narrowing, self-compassion, changing money behaviour, why managing your finances is so hard, working with a financial advisor, Back to the Future, Tom Hanks and money anxiety. It’s also on YouTube if you prefer the visual version.

Understanding Money – with Yeukai Kajidori on the Yeukai Business Show. Great conversation covering – how money beliefs impact business finances – where money beliefs come from – what does a healthy relationship with money look like – how to change your  money behaviour

Taming the Money Lion – with Ericka Thomas on The Work IN Podcast. Great conversation that covers money coaching tips for solopreneurs and small business owners – where money beliefs come from – why is managing money so hard – the link between money beliefs and business finances – good debt vs bad debt – what does a healthy relationship with money look like – how to price yourself – how to ask for money – managing discomfort

The Emotion of Money – with Kathy Robinson on the Athena Wellness Podcast. Great conversation covering – How emotion fuels and impacts our relationship to money – where money beliefs come from – working with limiting beliefs and barriers – the role of money as part of our overall well-being – how emotion fuels and impacts our relationship with money

Let’s Talk About Money – with Stephanie Webb on the StephUp Podcast. One of my fa♥ourite conversations – where money beliefs come from – why is managing money so hard – what does a healthy relationship with money look like – the role of self-compassionthe 4 positive behaviours that build financial security

Money Coaching – with Sifu Raphael on the Coaching Call Podcast. Fabulous conversation – where does money our relationship with money come from – why money is a core security need – teaching children to be good with money – the 4 positive behaviours that drive wealth building – how to get on top of your finances – starting with self-compassion.

Understanding the Money in Your Life – Livestreamed Conversation with Renato Raposo on Podcast Destemidos

Understand Your Money Behaviour – Conversation with Alaina Nadig on Pursuit of Relentless

What’s your relationship with Money – Conversation with Colin Low on Suffolk Money

Money and Trading  – Interview with Steve Goldstein and Mark Randall on AlphaMind Podcast

Improving your relationship with MoneyLinda’s Corner. S2. E37

We Should All Start with Self-CompassionThe Nova Money Mindset with Sam Abrika

You Don’t Have to Believe Everything You Think The Collective Wisdom with Cat Preston

Understanding Our Money Archetypes  Squanderlust with Martha Lawton

Money + Emotions – Conversation with Loretta Breuning on The Happy Brain Podcast

Coping with the COVID Crisis – Interview on BBC Radio Cambridge

Understanding Our Money Behaviours Uncomfortable Truths with Dante Frank

Understanding the Relationship between Money and Self-worth Life Well Lived with Omobloa Stephen

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