Services for Individuals

A set of programmes that will help people understand their relationship with money and how to manage it in their lives.

Money Coaching

Individual money coaching is a positive and productive way to explore, discover and transform the unconscious patterns and behaviours you have around money.  Through the 4-step Core Process we explore together your Money Biography, identify from whom you’ve inherited patterns (both positive and negative) and how to manage their influences.  We then determine which of your gifts, talents and abilities are most valuable to you and how to leverage them to achieve your highest potential.  The Money Coaching Process will help you to learn how you are “hardwired” around money in ways that you are generally not fully conscious of.  By the end of the fourth session, you will have a clear understanding of your core money patterns and their origin, and can begin to work on steps to optimise your relationship with money.  Money coaching will also help you understand how your partner behaves around money and give you insights into reducing conflict.

Format – delivered via 4 one-to-one coaching sessions and a wrap-up session.  Participants will also need to complete 5 short questionnaires and the online Money-Type Quiz.  Coaching sessions last approximately 1.5 hours and can be conducted in person or via online video.

Financial Guidance

Our financial lives have become increasingly complex. There are many types of credit and a bewildering selection of financial products to help us save, spend and invest. But who can you trust? Where do you start and who can you to go to ask a question without fear of being judged?

As a money coach I help people to understand about money – how it works and how they can manage it in their lives. I don’t sell products. I give you a safe space to ask any question you want. I offer a free 30 minute discovery call and, if you want work me, I charge £75 per hour thereafter. Some of the popular topics are:

  • Financial literacy – how does money work
  • What does my financial lifecycle look like
  • How do understand my spending
  • Investing – understanding how it works and where to start

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Money & Kids

Money Coaching for Parents is a one hour talk that covers the six key steps to raising financially responsible children. You will learn about:

  • The psychology of money – how attitudes and behaviours are formed
  • How your money messages are impacting your children
  • How to develop a work ethic
  • How to talk to your children about money
  • How to develop financial literacy
  • How you can help your children to make thoughtful decisions around money
  • The 10 worst things you can say to children about money

This talk can also be structured as two or three x 1 hour sessions that incorporate group discussions, case studies and Money Coaching basics.

Format – delivered live or via online video. Groups of up to 10 can be accommodated at Cambridge Money Coaching.  We are happy to come to you if you wish to organise your own event.

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