What is Money Coaching?

When people ask about Money Coaching I usually answer by saying that ‘I help people to make better decisions, reduce anxiety and other negative emotions, and communicate in healthy ways around money’.  And I do.  But sometimes that sounds a bit intangible.

This morning I received a testimonial from a client that blew me away.  And it struck me that what clients think Money Coaching has done for them is far more important than what I think I do.  This testimonial sums up our work together so much better than I could.

“I discovered Dennis though the AlphaMind podcast. As I listened to the interview I decided he might be helpful, so I booked a free half hour session.  At that time, I had no intention of signing up for the coaching process, I just wanted to offload about my situation and the bad decisions that I was still trying to recover from.  It was such a huge relief to talk someone who wasn’t trying to fix me or judge me, so I changed my mind and took the program.  I am very glad I did.

Through the five sessions, I let go of a lot of the self-blame that had been preoccupying me.  I was aware of some of the concepts we covered, but I had never applied them to myself and so hadn’t benefited much from this awareness. Working with someone else is totally different from trying to fix things alone.  Infinitely more powerful and enjoyable.  I found what Dennis taught me about useful discomfort very transformational.  As we worked together, I found that I had been avoiding pretty much everything around money.  With Dennis’s support, I found that I was much better at focusing on what needed to be done and taking my time over it.  I completed a really important grant application while I was working with him and it was much higher quality, more thorough and more polished than it would have been otherwise. I also sorted out a big tax problem, and that is now resolved.

I just had a quick glance at the first couple of homeworks I did at the start of the process and now, a few months later, I do not recognise myself in that very anxious and fearful person when it came to money!  What Dennis teaches is life changing, but the most benefit came from feeling so well supported – I had a sense that there was someone else in my corner and that has helped me so much in getting past the issues that had been holding me back for years.  We had a lot of fun too and that helps. I would definitely recommend Dennis.